About us


Nalu has one goal, to build sturdy, rad and floating sunglasses with superior polarized lenses at a reasonable price. 

Nalu is pleased to announce the production of our first two collections of floating, polarized and indestructible sunglasses named Bammo and Smokies. We are so excited in fact, that we’re taking this opportunity to offer some crazy deals through Kickstarter below!

Nalu sunglasses are available through this website or at a discount through our Kickstarter Campaign


The Nalu Story:

Nalu Floats was created by a couple of friends who spend a lot of their time on and around the water, giving them an appreciation for what a quality polarized lens can offer. Understanding that being around water comes with the always the present risk of losing their sunglasses, they both chose separate ways of dealing with this. One of them elected to wear cheap, disposable shades at the cost of his vision and the other chose to wear quality shades at the cost of his wallet whenever a pair was lost to the water.

Torn between these options, the two set out on a mission to solve their dilemma. How could they have cool shades with quality polarized lenses for a reasonable price, that - most importantly - could not be lost on the water? The answer was to make them float!

And Nalu Floats was born...